How Many Domains Can I Use the Templates On?

We aren't interested in restricting the number of domains you use our templates on. What matters is the number of times you can use each template. Our "Standard" plans give you one usage of each template. "Developer" and "Lifetime" plans remove this restriction. Simple!

Can I Remove "Pure Joomla" references from the Template?

Yes, you may remove references to Pure Joomla from the templates.

Can I Still Use the Templates After My Membership Expires?

Yes, you may use the templates you downloaded, even after your membership expires. You are, however, still bound by the terms of usage for the membership plan you had.

What's the Difference between "Standard" and "Developer's" Membership Plans?

Usage Rights for STANDARD Memberships are limited in that you can use each template on one live site ONLY. This means you could use Template X on Site A, and Template Y on Site B, etc. You cannot use Template X on both Site A and Site B simultaneously. These limitations do not apply to Developer's or Liftetime plans.

How Can I Upgrade My Membership?

If you find that you want to upgrade your membership to a different plan, at any time during your active membership, contact us and we will simply charge you the difference

Does Pure Joomla! Do Any Custom Work?

We are glad to offer such services! Simply contact us with the details of the work you need done, and we'll be in touch!

Do You Provide Demo Installers for the Templates?

Yes, we do. Since December of 2008, we have provided Demo Installers (we call them PJ-Packages) for our templates. Now getting your site to look just like our demo is as easy as installing Joomla!

Do Your Subscriptions Renew Automatically?

No.  You have control over whether or not your membership will renew. Once it runs out, the next time you login, you'll be able to decide then and there if you wish to renew. You're in control.